VOO DOO 2 is the rhythm module, the bouncing ball that makes it all happen.
This module is currently under development. VOO DOO 2 is the command set that stores, retrieves and passes the picoblocks around to the drum beat of the network. As a challenge, the code set will start by utilizing all of the two letter words that are valid according to the Scrabble Dictionary. Bizarre huh?

The VOO DOO 2 module will provide the language for Quintal's object navigator. The 81 valid operands are supplemented by the two valid one letter words, "A" and "I", (AI, verry interesting) and the necessary YO of the surfer dude. We're using an ol' dictionary so expansion is likely. Quintal will format its VOO DOO 2 lingo with Unicode in mind. Being a work in progress, input is welcome.

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